segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2007


"Help Paris Escape"

I gotta escape
I got locked up for being such a ho
But, I shouldn't be here 'cause my family's got lots a dough

But, I've been bitchy n lyin' n DWIin'
N late for my court date n now I'm a cell mate
Cause I been such a spoiled reckless lil ho o o o

Help Paris escape
I've been a bratty bitchy bitchy girl
Don't know why I make people hurl
Frustrated -- incarcerated
I'm famous cause I made a sex tape

I gotta escape
I'm the most famous girl in the world
Been treatin' everybody like dirt
Whatever -- I know that I'm better
Paparazzi think that I'm great!

Come get me out -- Governor Schwartzenegger
Gotta get out -- please Mr. Terminator
Listen to my pleas -- Arnold, I'll get down on my knees
Get me outta this glitch n I'll be your bitch

Nicole, baby - please come n save me
I put a plea on MySpace -- cause I'm such a disgrace
Nobody wants to help me -- cause I been so bitchy
This ain't no Hilton Hotel -- gotta get outta this hell

Vamos fazer uma versão pra Lindsay agora!

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